Zane DeGraffenried



Tahzoo [] – Web Services Developer

Mar 2017 ‐ Present

Worked onsite at Starbucks Corporate with the Marketing Technology team to build a content as a service platform. Designed and implemented a HTTP API capable of delivering content through a consistent RESTful interface while proxying data from multiple backing Content Management Systems. Provided support and client integrations for multiple teams across departments in the corporation. Supported and deployed the initial service globally before handing off to the SRE team.

Technologies: Node.js, nginx, Ansible

Nimbus 9 [] – Web Services Developer

Feb 2014 ‐ Apr 2017

Architected, built, deployed, and maintained a web service that allowed thousands of light fixtures across multiple locations to be controlled with sub second latency from anywhere in the world. Worked closely with embedded engineers on a WebSocket API that provided communication between the cloud platform and the devices. Provided direction and support to Frontend engineers on the creation of a webapp that utilized the platform’s RESTful API for control alongside a WebSocket API for realtime updates. Worked with the business team to create a customer service toolbox that could diagnose and resolve problems within the platform as they arose.

Technologies: Node.js, Websockets, AWS, HAProxy, nginx, Docker, Terraform, Redis, MongoDB, PostgreSQL

Intelligent Software Solutions [] – Test Automation & Frontend Developer, Intern

May 2011 ‐ Feb 2014

Created an automated test suite that would intake schemas from a RESTful api, generate test cases and run headless Selenium tests against a web application. Built an internal Automated Test Site that automatically populated with test results and would allow future tests to be scheduled.

Technologies: Ruby, Selenium WebDriver, Sinatra, Cucumber, Backbone.js


Is it Snowing Outside?

Jan 2011 ‐ Present

This project got started as a bit of a joke when I was sitting in a windowless computer lab. Armed with a working knowledge of php I built a prototype site in a couple hours. Ever since, the site has been a bit of a “Hello World” as I learn a new language or framework. Currently built with Node.js, Express and


University of Colorado at Colorado Springs – Bachelor of Science, Computer Science (incomplete)

Aug 2010 ‐ May 2014


Cycling – Steel + Singlespeed = ♥

May 1997 ‐ Present
  • 2016 Laramie Enduro ‐ 100k
  • 2015 Breck Epic 6 Day ‐ 240mi
  • 2013 Leadville Silver Rush ‐ 50mi

Snowboarding – Alpine/Freeride

Dec 2002 ‐ Present