Zane DeGraffenried



Nimbus 9 – API Architect

May 2015 ‐ Present

Transformed Nimbus 9 IoT platform from custom socket messaging specification into a RESTful API that could be exposed to public consumers in the future. Wrote documentation and tests alongside development of the API. Set up groundwork for transition to continuous integration when business requirements dictate the need for faster release cycle. Worked with the engineering team to create a customer service toolbox that could diagnose and resolve problems within the platform as they arose.

Tech Stack: NodeJS, Python, AWS, HAProxy, nginx, Docker, Terraform, Redis, MongoDB, PostgreSQL

Nimbus 9 – Web Services Developer

Jul 2014 ‐ May 2015

Took ownership of MVP cloud platform and began to build IoT platform into a fully fledged commercial product. Deconstructed the monolithic MVP implementation into a scalable microservice-based architecture; this allowed improvements to security, reliability, response time and deployment timeframe.

Nimbus 9 – Junior Developer

Feb 2014 ‐ Jul 2014

Intelligent Software Solutions – Frontend Developer, Intern

Nov 2013 ‐ Feb 2014

Intelligent Software Solutions – Automated Test Developer, Intern

May 2011 ‐ Nov 2013


Is it Snowing Outside?

Jan 2011 ‐ Present


University of Colorado at Colorado Springs – Bachelor of Science, Computer Science (incomplete)

Aug 2010 ‐ May 2014


Cycling – Steel + Singlespeed = ♥

May 1997 ‐ Present

Snowboarding – Alpine/Freeride

Dec 2002 ‐ Present